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Wholesales Nitrocellulose Solution for Inks

Short Description:

Nitrocellulose Solution is lightly sticky yellowish liquid, it is made from low  nitrogen content nitrocellulose which is Alcohol soluble.The advantage of this products is dry quickly, hardness film forming and tenacious. Nitrocellulose solution in Liquid form is safer than dry cotton during the transportation and storage.

Appearance: Limpid and not exuding yellow.
Solid content(%): 20-40.
Viscosity: according to the formula test.
Nitrogen content(%): 10.7-11.4.
Solvent Alcohol, Benzene, Esters.

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Grade NitrocelluloseDry Solvent component
Ethyl ester -Butyl ester Absolute alcohol 95%ethanol or IPA
H 30 14%±2% 80%±2% - 6%±2%
H 5 17.5%±2% 75%±2% - 7.5%±2%
H 1/2 31.5%±2% 55%±2% - 13.5%±2%
H 1/4 31.5%±2% 55%±2% - 13.5%±2%
H 1/8 35%±2% 50%±2% - 15%±2%
H 1/16 35%±2% 50%±2% - 15%±2%
L 1/2 29.25%±2% 20%±2% 35%±2% 15.75%±2%
H 1/4 29.25%±2% 20%±2% 35%±2% 15.75%±2%
H 1/8 35.75%±2% 25%±2% 20%±2% 19.25%±2%
H 1/16 35.75%±2% 25%±2% 20%±2% 19.25%±2%

★ The below specification for reference only. The formula can be customized according to the special requirement of customers.


Lacquers for wood and plastic, leather etc self-driedvolatile coating , can be mixed with Alkyd, Maleic resin, Acrylic resin, good miscibility.


6 months by correct storage.


1. Packed in galvanized steel barrel (560×900mm). Net weight is 190kgs for per drum.
2. Packed in plastic drum(560×900mm). Net weight is 190kgs for per drum.
3. Packed in 1000L ton drum(1200x1000mm). Net weight is 900kgs for per drum.



a. The product should be transported and stored according to the state regulations of shipping and storing dangerous goods.
b. The package should be handled carefully and avoid to impact with iron articles. It is not allowed to put the package in the open air or under direct sunlight or transport the product by truck without canvas cover.
c. The product shall not be transported and stored together with acid, alkali, oxidant, reductant, inflammables, explosive and igniter.
d. The package should be kept in the special storehouse, which must be cool, ventilated, fire prevented and no tinder near it.
e. Fire-extinguishing agent: Water, Carbon Dioxide.

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